Monday, December 13, 2004

forgive me

In honor of the fact that it's finals week and I need to study and the fact that my apartment's upside down and I need to clean, I'm going to do this survey that went around a while back. Figured I'd save it for a time such as this.

First best friend: Ashley Wallace.

First real boyfriend: Still waiting on this.

First real memory of something: I think that would be when I broke my arm when I was three.
We'll discuss this later on in the survey.

First real date: Any time now, right?

First real kiss: *taps fingers on table*

First screen name: Oh, something very stupid like sassy_rene or something, but that lasted like three seconds. I'd say the first real one was cassarole220.

First self purchased album: Going way back to the cassette tapes, eh? I don't really remember, but I did have Billy Ray Cyrus' Some Gave All. Yes, that's the one with "Achy Breaky Heart," but other than that song, it wasn't so bad. Sweet mother, listen to me...

First pets: So I had this dog, but I can never remember if her name was Trixie or Roxie. 'Tis is very distant memory.

First piercing/tattoo: I got my ears pierced at some childhood age when I was still young enough to sit in the cart at WalMart. Yet another fuzzy memory.

First enemy: I was never really much of an enemy maker. Kelly Marshall and I didn't really get along in fifth grade, but we became big buddies in sixth grade when Mrs. Boswell put her in my group because we were doing a project on Kwanzaa. Hmm, maybe Holly and I were enemies in sixth grade with that whole "I know what you said" playground incident. We see how that turned out. :-)

First big trip: Like, vacation? I think that would be the horrendous trip to Daytona Beach when I was, like, five.

First detention: Ah. Junior year. I had already gotten one unexcused tardy because I kept pushing the getting-to-school-on-time envelope. Then one day, like, my ignition broke in my car and there was no one anywhere around to get me to school on time. By the time I got there, I almost got away with the second unexcused tardy, but alas, I was caught. Coach Hogg would not be stopped as I pleaded with him to consider my situation excused. He did not, and therefore, he wrote me my one and only detention slip. I wish I could find it.

First heartbreak: When John Montgomery was supposed to accompany me at the basketball banquet in fourth grade but had to go to his grandfather's birthday party instead. Heartbreak, I tell you.

First time breaking a bone: I was three and at Clay Days. Some other little girl basically shoved me off backward from the top of the slide. I'm still not sure which arm I broke. Left, I think.

First sleepover: It was either one of the two infamous Heather Powell nightmares or my own in third grade.

First hangover: No hangovers for me.

Car ride: Back from my WalMart adventure.

Movie seen: Haven't seen any movies in a while. Maybe what part I saw of A Walk to Remember on satellite over Thanksgiving break.

Swear word: Hmm. I pointed out that Jenny's BarbCobbTakeHomeExam (BCTHE) closely resembles the word bitch.

Beverage consumed: A little milk to go with the toffee that I just made.

Person you called: Mom, of course.

Person you danced with: Dance? I don't do much of that. Ah, Kathryn, to try to get her to quit crying.

TV show watched: I caught the tail-end of John Mayer Has a TV Show the other day.

Shower: This mornin'.

Shoes worn: When I remembered to go to WalMart, I changed and put on my Vans.

Item bought: My WalMart purchases include water, margarine, Hershey bars, oranges, peanut butter crackers, and a tin to put my toffee in.

Annoyance: The fact that I'm hot with the heat on and cold with it off.

Web page visited: Jenny's journal to make sure the E in BCTHE stands for "exam."

CD you listened to: The compilation CD that I made and named "Sprachgefühl." And because of it, I have "Big Yellow Taxi" in my head.

CD you bought: I bought three Christmas CDs over Thanksgiving break. Two really cheap ones, bluegrass and celtic, that are pretty good and one more expensive one, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, that definitely did not live up to my expectations. Way to go, cheap.

What song do you swear was written about you or your life? As stupid as this sounds, I think the answer to this question is "Why Georgia."

What's the most embarrassing CD you own? Hmm, that'd be a toss up between Millennium by the Backstreet Boys, Spice by the Spice Girls, Middle of Nowhere by Hanson (which I'm not too embarrassed by, actually), and maybe that Kenny G Christmas CD I have.

What's the best CD you own? Room for Squares will always have a solidarity that won't let me down.

What song do you absolutely hate? I don't harbor an absolute hate for most any song, but there is one song that makes me groan quite loudly and emphatically change the station. That's Uncle Kracker's "Drift Away."

Do you sing in the shower? Maybe I used to, but I definitely don't anymore. I always have a song in my head when I'm in the shower, but I'm waaay too tired to be doing any singing.

Best Love Song?: I haven't really thought about this. But the most recent song that I've heard and thought, "I'd really like to have this sung to me someday," was Bebo Norman's "Try."

Song that gives you the chills when you hear it: Alison Krauss' version of "When You Say Nothing at All" always does that to me.

Song that makes you cry: Matchbox 20's "If You're Gone" used to strike quite an emotional chord with me.

Song that puts you in a good mood: Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones."

Song that's always stuck in your head: For the past couple of days, it's been between "Feliz Navidad" and Natalie Merchant's "Wonder." Yeah. I don't know either.


Anonymous said...

Be not embarassed to own Millennium and Middle of Nowhere! Those are top calibur cds! They'll go down in history as masterpieces! Honor and cherish them! Build them a shrine!

Oh who am I kidding. I'm so embarassed to say how obsessed I used to be with those kids.

-Jenny aka Former Teeny-Bopper.(But I've been clean since Junior year of high school.)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I now know everything about you Cass! Why didn't Century Century make you music list?!? Love you! Be safe if I don't talk to you before the holidays!

Anonymous said...

I got your Christmas card yesterday and it brightened up my life, Cass. It is the first card I have ever gotten from a friend. Thank you so much.

ashley said...

I remember your first heartache and sleepover... I was there.