Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Everything today has been late. I woke up ten minutes late, which doesn't seem like much.

But Tom Brokaw was on Today, and I had to see if I could tape at least part of it. That made me leave late.

I got out to my car, and somehow wasn't prepared for the frost that had it frozen all over. If I walked to class, I would have absolutely been late for work. So I nearly killed myself crossing Main Street with windows that weren't quite opaque but not quite translucent and wouldn't even roll down. I'm not sure why I was so dead-set on getting to work on time. But figuring I didn't see any headlights coming at me I skrrrted across two lanes of traffic and hoped for the best.

I wasn't late for work. While I was there, I did my 303 paper that was due today, so it was almost late.

And I was almost late for 303 because not only my was relief at work late, but he didn't show up at all. Fifteen minutes after my shift was over, someone finally came in. Sheesh.

I had conversation class tonight, so I was going to get home too late to see Nightly News and Tom Brokaw's farewell. I taped it. Touching, it was. Maybe I should bust out the CD Tom Brokaw: A Dedication and listen to "Ignition" in his honor.

I went and saw Century Century play at the Stables tonight. Thank goodness the other bands were running late, or I might have been too late.

Now I have to work on my Quia Spanish online workbook. Or it will be late.

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