Sunday, December 26, 2004

white, white christmas

Hello. 'Tis been such a long time. When I finally left Murray what seems like so long ago, I opted to leave the broken-down computer here, thus the no blog activity. And like the rest of the Midwest, I've been snowed-in. (And I'd like to note that I fully believed the word snown existed until just now when I checked ol' It's kind of sad that it doesn't. I liked it, too...) Anyway, after something like three-days of taking up semi-permanent residence on the couch, I decided I was leaving Poole if it meant pick-axing my way to Calvert City. And when we left on Christmas Eve, we literally had to pick-axe our way out of the driveway after Dad stuck my car in a snow-drift--twice. Three hellacious hours later, we arrived in Calvert to the most different, most wonderful Christmas ever. I don't really have time to recount it because we're getting ready to brave the weather by setting out from Murray in just a little bit, but I'll hit the high-points.

This was one serious white Christmas, indeed. It was the first Christmas Eve that I can remember, which is just about all of them, that I didn't go to Uncle Pook's for our normal family thing, and I didn't miss it. This was the first Christmas Victoria knew the truth about ol' Saint Nick. This was Kathryn's first Christmas. It was the first Christmas I woke up and didn't have my presents under the tree; they were still in my trunk. I was up with the adults drinking coffee in the kitchen at 7 am and waiting for Victoria to rouse up in a Christmas morning fury. Victoria and I read Shel Silverstein poems to one another for an hour or so, which was a lot of fun. Randy made us snow cream. In the afternoon, Mom, Dad, and I came back to Murray. We ate at the wonderful Asian Buffet. We stayed the night here. I finally took my first shower in a couple days, and now I need to dry my hair. But I tell ya, it's good to be clean.

Okay, there's my first and last (stream-of-consciousness) post for a while. I'm again choosing to leave the computer here. It's just not worth the hassle. But for those of you that I only have contact with online, I love and miss you. I got the dial-up number off this computer, so I might venture to dig out the really old and crappy desktop and get online at home. Maybe. But until the next time we talk, take care. And happy new year. May 2005 bring you great joy.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you Cassidy! Be careful in the good ol' Poole/WebCo/Calvert/where ever you are!