Monday, January 10, 2005

for a night

New year. New blog design. Oh, yeah. And just a few new pictures up on Flickr.

I miss being in Murray, having internet, seeing people, and all those things. I'm here in town because I had to get some stupid College of Education junk straightened out.

I enjoyed having last night to myself. I decided I was going to rent Garden State to rewatch it and see if I really want to buy it. I tried Movie World. All rented out. I didn't feel like going to Blockbuster--for what reason, I am not sure--so I went to the new Movie Gallery. It's more on my end of town, and there is nothing quite like having another movie rental membership card, right? But alas, all forty million copies were gone. But since I'd made such a big trip of it, I resolved that I wasn't going to leave the store without a film to watch. None of the new releases grabbed my attention, and I'm of the belief that there is always some movie that I haven't seen that I should see. (Okay, so I wouldn't consider that one of my essential belief statements, but anyway...) I perused the aisles of Movie Gallery looking for that movie I couldn't live without. (What's with all this hyperbole?) And there was nothing. Lots of scary movies, which I hate. (It reminded me of some old, no-longer-existent video rental place in Providence that carried practically nothing but horror flicks that, with their shoddy and scarily depicted VHS covers, tormented my over-active imagination.) I worked my way back to the Ss, and settled on Shakespeare in Love. Pretty good stuff, there. It's good to see Ben Affleck in a fairly minor role, with a (not very good) British accent to boot. Not the most lovable appearance of Colin Firth, I must say. But all in all, a quality motion picture. (Motion picture being my new synonym for movie. I really don't like the word movie. It sounds cheap, though there are doubtless many films that deserve the title.) So that's what I did last night.

We've reached the final week of what seemed like the neverending winter break. I've spent most of my time doing nothing. In fact, the only things I have to show for it all are a couple of C. S. Lewis books that I read. Didn't quite get around to reading the American classics as I'd hoped. But at least I do own them now. But I haven't taken many pictures. I haven't written many blogs. This break was generally uneventful, a nice bit of time away. However, I need a nice balance of structure and change to keep me from going utterly insane, but I'll do my best to savor this last week. I know the coming semester with be nothing short of gruelling.

Well, this has been such an inspiring First Blog Entry of 2005, eh? Surely, it will get better. ;-)

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Jackie Goodtimes said...

Hey Cass, just wanted to say that I like the new blog design. :) Hope you had a great break and I'll see ya soon, I'm sure.