Tuesday, January 18, 2005

this early morning

And so the spring semester begins. With approximately five hours of sleep under my belt, I got up this morning at a pre-daylight 6:00 am, but apparently overestimated the time between leaving my apartment and getting to the library at 7:30. I ended up sitting in the university parking lot for something like ten minutes and still having to wait for a few more once I got to the library. The doors still hadn't opened up. But now, I'm in. And let me tell you, this monstrous information desk I'm sitting behind is something else.

This should be much more interesting than working at Applied Science. I get to do a lot more people-watching. And I am not just a lab supervisor, folks. I sit behind a nice little paper name plate that says "Information Desk." I've already been asked all sorts of non-computer questions. If the library hourly wage is any more than the one I'm getting now, I think I should be paid that. Okay, okay. I don't deserve anything more than minimum wage. I still don't have to do much. Answer questions and put little tally marks in the boxes for which the questions pertain. I think the hardest part will be getting this laptop set up. I hope so. But I can say that this has been fairly enjoyable so far. I've been able to use my campus and library savvy (note: not computer savvy) to guide some people through the first-day-of-the-semester troubles.

Perhaps I'll get around to reading or some other such productive activity. 'Cause I have plenty of time.

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