Monday, January 17, 2005


This will be the third time I've filled this out. Recycle, recycle, recycle rap.

current clothing: Jeans and my white three-quarterish V-neck shirt.

current mood: Indistinguishable.

current taste: I don't taste anything at the moment. I'm tasteless--in a completely non-dictionary-definition sense of the word.

current hair: Straightened, actually. When, at three in the afternoon, I decided to go through the making-myself-somewhat-presentable series of actions, I also chose to straighten my hair. Something that probably hasn't been done in over six months.

current annoyance: The fact that I have lots of books and am getting ready to have lots more books, and I do not have shelf space at all. At all.

current smell: Meaning the odors I am able to smell or what I smell like? Just like my mood and just like my taste, it can't quite be determined.

current thing you ought to be doing: Sleeping, perhaps.

current jewelry: Earrings that cost me less than three dollars at WalMart.

current book: (And this makes the sidebar "books" section a bit inaccurate...) I'm not sure what C. S. Lewis book to be reading on. I'm having a difficult time getting into both The Problem of Pain and Miracles at the moment. I'm feeling like I need to read some fiction, maybe. What I've read the most of lately, though, is Paul Ford's Companion to Narnia. It's a reference book about The Chronicles of Narnia. That makes me cool, huh?

current refreshment: I don't have anything refreshing on me at the moment, but I'm feeling all cottonmouthy. *insert the universal sign for cottonmouth* I think I'll get me a water.

current worry: Technically, it's First Day of the Semester's Eve. Need I say more?

current crush: Did you know Wayne Hart is much more attractive in person? He and Brad Byrd ate beside us at Golden Corral one night. I couldn't eat my food until they left. Newspeople do me that way. This is a non-sexual crush, of course.

favorite celebrity: Last time, Wayne Hart was my favorite celebrity. What's my deal? I inherited it from my mom. She has a crush on Lester Holt from Today. Anyway, I guess it's pretty safe to say that John Mayer always has a dog in this race.

current longing: I long for organizational furniture. A desk and a bookshelf.

current music: Audibly, none. But I have a lot of Allie Lapointe songs bouncing around in my head.

current wish: That one or the other of my guitar tuners would come back to life.

current lyric in your head: "Oh, Lord, could you save you daughter / Even if she doesn't know if she wants to be yours"

current makeup: What's left of this afternoon's attempt at decency. Not much, I am sure.

current undergarments: Though I could just not even put this question on here, I feel some loyalty to the origins of this thing, so it stays. I just don't see the sense in answering it. Quite uninteresting, I say. As if the rest of this is...

current regret: Allowing myself to fall into the inevitable sleep pattern that haunts me when out of school. Being a night owl is okay--until I must abruptly become an early bird.

current desktop picture: White letters on a black screen: My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

current plans for tonight/weekend: Tonight, I shall eventually sleep. And this coming weekend is so distant, I certainly cannot see it from here.

current cuss word du jour: None, I say.

current disappointment: I'm working in Waterfield this semester. Oh, how I'd hoped for Applied Science. But I'll make do.

current amusement: Er, I don't know. But I did spend four hours--four hours--watching Golden Globes coverage earlier. That is sad.

current IM/person you're talking to: No one. Not much of the talking, talking, talking going on.

current love: I'm back in love with my six-inch roasted chicken breast on Monterey cheddar with cheese, lettuce, banana peppers, and mayo at Subway. Oh, how I've missed you.

current obsession: C. S. Lewis, indeed.

current thing or things on your wall: Oh, me. Soon, I swear, I'll get some things up on these walls. I never thought I'd get so comfortable with whitespace, though.

current favorite book: It's so hard to choose. Right now, I might have to save The Screwtape Letters, but not by a whole lot. I'm not good with favorites, I tell you.

current favorite movie: So, I have this tendency to claim the last good thing I've seen as my favorite, and again, it applies. Finding Neverland is one of the best movies I've seen in long time. I wouldn't say that everyone would think so, but I loved it five minutes in. It's not a strange movie that keeps you puzzled and takes a full two days to reconcile its meaning. It is a rather seemingly simple movie that could come off as neat or cute or touching or romantic, but its core is thought-provoking and complex. Plus, it is a well-made, well-acted film.

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