Thursday, January 27, 2005

leaning ladders

And so the truth comes out. The chairs that we now enjoy at the information desk were not at all a result of the agony they put their sitters through. No. The old chairs were messing up the new carpet. That's right. Keep your priorities straight, Waterfield Library.

I really need to learn the art (and there must be an art) of effective breakfast. My orange juice and Frosted Rice Krispies aren't cutting it. It's not that I'm sitting here thinking, "Mmm, food sounds good." No, my stomach has been doing some serious yelling--by 9:00. Insane.

You know what's really funny? When people come up to me asking for real computer answers. Not just "Why can't I sign in?" but like "My YF1400 application seems to be unable to perform on this operating system. Can you configure this file to integrate into the network?" What the crap. Okay, so it's obvious I made that whole question up, but it makes about as much sense as some of the questions I get asked. Don't you people know that I'm just swinging by my pinky on the bottom rung of the campus technological ladder? Apparently not.

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