Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Let's be honest. I didn't have high hopes for today. After all, it is Tuesday, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are notoriously crappy, at least in my book--which completely undermines the use of notoriously in that sentence. Anyway. Today was good. The library gig isn't so bad after all. Of course, I'd doomed myself to librariness when, over break, I said the words I really hope I don't get scheduled to work in the library. But alas, I believe I like it. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Despite the fact that I am scheduled for something like four hours and fifteen minutes' worth of class on Tuesdays, I was in class for a grand total of an hour today. Way to go, syllabi. If tomorrow works out the same way, I'll be doing a lot of hurry-up-and-wait. The 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, and 1:30 schedule is bound to have me spending a lot of non-instructional time in Faculty Hall, which could be a lot of fun if there are lots of people loitering in the halls. If I remember correctly, isn't Faculty Hall really crowded the first few days of class because people actually try to get to class before it starts? Anyway, I'll be doing a lot of running up and down the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor. I only have two classes on the fourth floor this year, and that is sad. They're not even in the usual rooms.

Alright, I know I've done it and I'm getting ready to do it again, but it bothers me when people apologize for the content on their blog. But sweet mother a'mighty, can't I think of something else to put on here? Anything insightful, interesting, and/or thought-provoking? Within me are many musings on life and other important things, but why do they duck and run when I open Blogger? I should make some sort of commitment to produce material that exercises or enlightens the mind of the reader, but then you'd be expecting something. And I'd only let you down. Between Women's Lit and Philosophy this semester, I should have ideas to share. But until then or whenever I encounter something for us to chew on, we'll all have to settle for these mundane details.

Oh, I'm missing I Love 92, Part Deux.

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Anonymous said...

Cass! Oh how I have missed thee! I am glad to hear school was alright. I almost quit checking your blog all together when somehow I stumbled upon it tonight. Needless to say, I am glad to see that you are back in action! Gimme a call sometime and we shall hang out. I have missed you and with my schedule, I am in Murray and then I am home by like 11:00. Take care.