Wednesday, January 26, 2005

strike up the heavenly chorus

My life just got infinitively better. And isn't it amazing when you don't even recognize the blessing at first, even when it's right under your nose--literally? So what's this wonderful thing I speak of? A chair. When I came in to work this morning and set my stuff down behind the desk, I didn't even notice it. Ah, but when I returned after starting up all the computers to make my nest, there it was: an ergonomic, adjustable, comfortable! chair. The old, shaky, four-legged torture device is now of the past. The new has come. No more writhing in pain as my legs dangled too short for any real resting place and as my back went unsupported and as my butt just hurt. You'd think sitting isn't a difficult job, so I limited my complaining. But it has been a chore just to find that evasive comfortable spot. Apparently someone vocalized the distress the old chairs put him or her in. Probably a library worker because they have to sit at this desk, too. Or maybe the reference librarians became weary of seeing us undergo cruel and unusual punishment. Somehow, I find that unlikely. But we have new chairs. And that's all that matters.