Sunday, January 16, 2005

night light

I've returned to Murray. This time for the semester. As the sentiments often go, this break was ever so long, but I really don't know where it went. I can't believe it's back to book-buying and all those other beginning-of-the-semester activities. Shouldn't we still be in the pre-midterm season of last semster?

The last few days at home were a little different than I had expected. Lots of things came to a somewhat screeching halt when my family learned that Dad's sister had been hospitalized. Because of her condition and the privacy laws, we have been unable to find out much of anything. So we'd been sticking close together in case we needed to make an immediate trip to Nashville. But we've still heard nothing from her, and all there is to do now is wait.

I feel decidedly (a word that will forever remind me of an 8 Ball) sick to my stomach. This same feeling washed over me last night at roughly the same time. Maybe it's my body saying, Hey, don't you know you need to go to bed? I stayed up to close to 4:00 this morning, and I got up a little before 9:00. Yes, I'm a bit drowsy. I'm not exactly sure why I'm resisting going to bed. Maybe it is because I've thrown a good bit of clothing and other items on my bed when I got here, and I don't feel like sorting through it. I'll most likely toss it all in the floor so that I can go through it another time. Like four or five months from now. Seems to be what I do with everything else.

Alright. It's off to bed. I think I'll test out this new little Tiffany lamp that Dad got me from Cracker Barrel. I've put it beside my bed. I was hoping for something to read by, but I'm not sure it is anything more than a night light. Go, little 4 watt light bulb, go.

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