Sunday, June 19, 2005

barcelona, part ii

Well, I´ve got my bags sitting here with me at the internet café. In a few minutes, we´re leaving here for the train station. Our train leaves at 10:03, but we´re getting there very early. There´s going to be no more of that let´s-see-how-close-to-missing-the-train-we-can-get crap. Hopefully, I will sleep more on this ride. We´re having class tomorrow afternoon back in Segovia.

Barcelona, as it still stands, is a complete freak show. But for the most part I enjoyed myself between the ridiculously long walks to the beach and the 10€ Pepsi. We found a great Italian (I know, I know...) restaurant called Pizza Marzona, or something like that. The food in this town is good. Expensive, too. But that´s okay. Gotta chalk it up to ¨hey, I´m in Spain.¨ The hostal was no five-star hotel either, but it ended up being a bit less scary than I thought. I didn´t feel the need to strap my belongings to me with four rolls of duct tape and a few padlocks. But it was close.

It was all an experience of a lifetime. Not every experience was good, but they were all good for me. As much as I figured this European stint would make me a little less American (and maybe it has and will), I can´t wait to get back to the land of $1.19 drinks with free refills.

Missing everyone. Three weeks down. Two to go.

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