Wednesday, June 01, 2005

¡hola, chicos!

Now, I really am in Spain. And I love it. Today has been good. I´m rested, and I don´t think jet lag will be too bad after yesterday. I napped a couple times yesterday, and I got a good night´s rest last night.

My class is good. I´m taking the literature class. It´s at 9:00 in the morning, so the rest of my day is freed up. I´ll be spending lots of time just looking around this beautiful ancient city. I love all the everyday things about it. The old men and their canes. Balconies in windows with laundry and flowers. I adore it all.

After class, my roommate Jennean and I went to Las Tres BBB cafe and bar. I got a cafe con leche and the tortilla española that Lance told me I had to get. He was right. It´s delicious.

(I´m going to have to figure out how to do accents on this keyboard.)

I should go. Be sure to check out the pictures on Flickr. I´ll try to update them fairly regularly. I have my coveted Flickr Pro account now, so there´ll be many pictures on there in time.

I love and miss you all. Love more than miss, of course. :-)

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