Tuesday, June 07, 2005

boredom: 2€

Believe it or not, but I´m bored this afternoon in Segovia. I´m not sure why. It´s not like I didn´t buy 30€ of art supplies yesterday so that I could be a pseudo-artist. But I´ve already done my homework. I´ve already taken the nap you take when you have nothing else to do. I snuck around the apartment while no one was home to take pictures to show everyone what my homestay in Spain looks like. I´ve already walked down Calle Real twice today. I even busted out the Lonely Planet to find something to do. I guess that I do need to go to the Catedral one day. But not today. So I trekked down to the Acueducto -- stopping at several shops along the way in search of those souvenirs -- and ended up in this internet café. I paid 2€ for over three times as much of time as I paid in Madrid. Of course, the really cute jerk working the counter at the place in Madrid over-charged me .50€, as I later found out. Grrr.

I apparently like making the euro sign. €. €. €.

Anyway, so I´m paid up for an hour and forty-five minutes worth of computer use, and these freaking things don´t even have USB ports. Great. So I´ll spend my time here looking at blogs, news, and other such things. Uploading pictures will only commence in the KIIS Centro.

There´s not much new to report. Class is good. Food is good. Weather is good. Sleep is good. I just need to find something to do. And I´ve learned that when I´m bored, the good food and drink around here beckon me. That, my dears, is not good. ;-)

Hasta luego.

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