Saturday, June 04, 2005

madrid, madrid

Hey, hey. Today, I am in Madrid. We arrived yesterday, and my friends Jennean and Mary Helen and I are staying the weekend. Yesterday, we visited the Prado Museum, where Goya´s works are held. Today, we are visiting the El Reina Sofia, where we will se Dali´s works and Picasso´s Guernica. It´s very exciting.

Madrid reminds me of New York city a little bit. We´ve been maneuvering the Metro system like champs. Yesterday, in the tunnel into the Metro, a guy had his electric guitar and amp, playing. Lots of street musicians around here. A few minutes ago at the open-air cafe -- where I just had my first authentic paella -- a man was playing his accordion and his wife was on the tambourine. It´s charming.

I´m in an internet cafe right now. Jennean when back to the room to get her Metro pass and Mary Helen was waiting for our camarera to bring the check for our food. We should be recongrating (a word?) soon, so I´ll close.

I´ll have more pictures up later. I forgot to put my flashdrive in my bag that I´m carrying.

Hasta luego.

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