Friday, November 12, 2004


I should most definitely be in bed. But no.

I just got back from coffeehouse. That was fun, as usual. The art concept went over very well. Art submissions could be bid on in a silent auction with the proceeds going to summer missions. Considering I'd invested a massive 70 cents in each picture and since they are quite replicable, I decided to donate my photos to the cause. I don't know the total yet, but I hear that many of them went for double digit dollar amounts. I was impressed, especially since the bidding began at $2-$4. Hooray for summer missions.

Um, well. What else is there to say? Not too terribly much. I guess I just wanted to say how the coffeehouse went. Good art. Good music. Good poetry. Good coffee.

So I guess that means I'm done. G'night.

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