Friday, November 05, 2004

the unnecessary

I'm at work. It's a little funny that I have the gall to call it work when it obviously is not. So as I was saying, I'm in the lab--if that comes across better or eases my conscience more. I should really be studying for the Spanish test that I have later on today. That might be helpful considering I haven't studied at all yet. Or maybe I could rework my schedule so that I don't meet my ultimate demise in the Spring; I did bring my MAP report. I also brought with me my stationery in case I take the notion to write some letters to those I too much neglect.

All of this I should do, but I find myself looking at Amazon reviews of My People's Waltz, which I've been reading off and on when I absolutely should be reading Shakespeare or Herbert or some other canonized British writer. But Phillips, a North Carolinian who currently teaches creative writing here at Murray State, has a way of writing that fills me with eagerness. I can't figure out which it makes me want to do most: read more or write. He writes how I want to write and how I like to read.

They're going to do an artwork coffee house at the BSU. I think I'm going to have some of my photos developed and submit them. I need to figure out which ones I want to use. Yet another thing I waste my time worrying with...

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Jackie Goodtimes said...

Definately submit photos!

Thanks for looking up fish names for me... you spawned an idea. You said Audrey as in Breakfast at Tiff... and I remembered how she didn't name that cat. My fish may just be fish. :) maybe Phish. LOL