Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i love rubber cement

In earth science, during those few minutes we were there, Justin turns around, looks at me, and says, "So yeah, speaking of not updating. You haven't updated since Friday. Not that I'm stalking you or anything." So here I am.

Today has been and will be semi-productive. I woke up quite early--and alert, too. Probably because, for the second night in a row, I went to bed before 11:00 last night. I went to Shakespeare, where I turned in my journal with all the required entries. In earth science, we filled out evaluations for ol' Naugle. Isn't it too early to be filling those things out? Apparently not.

After chicken, I went to the bookstore to pick up some 5x7 black matting board for my pictures I'm submitting for the coffeehouse. Little did I know that those clever folks in the bookstore already had those cut up. Apparently mounting 4x6 photos on black board is a common thing. Who would've guessed? I should have.

Anyway, I then went to the campus' hellish pit of doom: Alexander Hall. Hamurabi told me I could pick up my Admission to Teacher Education forms there. I knew I had received those papers back in the day. The day being first semester of college. So I figured I should get new copies because there was no telling what I had written on them, if they were presentable, or if I still even possessed them. Well, the lady working the Teacher Education Services desk gave me a swift boot in the pants because receiving these forms requires "a very strict process." Excuse me. I'm sorry, Ms. The Same Lady Who Threw Jennie and Me Out of the Orientation Meeting, I didn't know you couldn't pass those things out. Ah, whatever. Bitterness. Let's just say the past two times I've left that building, I've been grumbling curses. Luckily, I came home and found my forms in fine condition. Thank goodness, because I didn't want to go back.

After all that, I had a seat in my kitchen floor and pasted my photos to the black board. Oh, the fun. I've never really used rubber cement, but I now understand the joys of it. Rubber cement will eternally remind me of journalism in high school, when Holly, forever playing with a jar of the stuff, and I would sit in the back corner of the room, pretending to be doing work, and talk for the entire time.

To continue this trend of productiveness, I think I'm actually going to read the chapter for my teaching English class tonight. And at 3:30, there is a organizational meeting for Notations. As much as I shouldn't be taking on more things to do here at the end of the semester, it looks like I'm going to do it anyway. But I think it will be fun and a good experience. And then the week will carry on with its multitude of stressfulness. I schedule tomorrow. Eighteen hours. God help me.


Jackie Goodtimes said...

Cass... I miss you. I know I say it all the time, but I really do.


Anonymous said...

....and now you have posted! Rubber cement will mess you up if you use it the wrong way. ;)
Thanks for not taking me to court for using the 293 Railroad.