Thursday, November 18, 2004


Have you ever been certain that you've just had a revelation, but you weren't exactly sure what it was? Or maybe you really did understand your enlightenment, but it was so overwhelming that you just somewhat block it out? That's how I feel currently.

Okay, I'm not sure why I decided to blog. Possibly so that I could give you further evidence of my insanity. See above paragraph. Anyway, what I need to be doing is finishing getting ready for my interview this morning. Yes, indeedy. It is the fateful morning of the Admission to Teacher Education interview. I scheduled it a week or so ago for nine o'clock today when I still thought I was having Shakespeare at 9:30. But no, 'tis cancelled. So here I will be going to an interview that I will likely get out of at 9:15, and then what? I might come home and change out of the dreadful interview clothes before I go to earth science.

Here's a revelation for you, one I can actually verbalize: I do not put effort into anything. That is so sad. I miraculously get okay grades, but I am not learning nearly as much as my grades reflect. I do believe I written about this before. But I guess I remember this on a cycle or something. Maybe this time, I'll try to prove myself wrong. Eh, there's always next semester.

Have a good day.

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