Thursday, January 19, 2006

Like blades of grass

Tonight, I feel like a-blogging.

'Tis the first week of the semester, so I did my obligatory over-achievement. I did all my homework for tomorrow. Notice: that's pre-pre-class-3.5-hour-work-shift. If that made any sense, congratulations. Anyway, I'm going to pretend that I didn't do all that somewhat easy Spanish homework for tomorrow with sole intention of making myself feel better after failing that somewhat hellacious Spanish quiz today.

Dated with my b/f/f/ tonight. A two-hour conversation over the inevitable Tom's chicken tenders is always a delight. I love my b/f/f/. Not just because she got me some really amazing and wonderfully thoughtful gifts from Ireland and England.

Because I'm an old maid -- no, really, I am -- I'm going to browse through my books and find a new one to read before heading to bed. I finished off The Five People You Meet in Heaven last night. Good stuff. Now for something new.

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