Friday, January 27, 2006

Steamroller, baby

Finally. Another Friday. It's about time.

Here are my goals for the weekend:
  • Make it to see Campus Lights.
  • Read my Early English lit assignments and make a discussion board post.
  • Read (at least most of) my Span-Am lit assigments.
  • Clean out my closet, like Eminem.

I think those are lofty enough goals for the weekend. Oh, and speaking of lofty goals, guess what I did. Yep, yours truly went to the Wellness Center yesterday. So what if it was only for about three miles on a bicycle. I had to burn off some pent up agression. Between yesterday being a Thursday (AKA D-Day, AKA One of the Days I Have to Go to Spanish-American Literature) and having to deal with folks in both the University Scholarships office and Sparks Hall, I needed to let off a little bit of steam. And let's be real, I could stand to let off about two tons of weight steam. As stressed out as I have been thus far, I think I'll have plenty of anger to motivate me to the gym. Here's to the healthy by-product of aggression.


Anonymous said...

hey based on on our brief discussion earlier, i'll be right there with you at the good ole Baurenfiend (or whtever the lady's name is) center o' wellness.

Anonymous said...

oh, hi, that was me.