Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today, it's half full

Well, I'd hate to speak too soon, but thus far, today has been much better than I had anticipated. Here are the high points.

I discovered that I've grown a testicle or maybe even two (strange, I know, but good) as evidenced by my display of authority in the library lab this morning. Of course, I didn't really have much choice. A certain XA and a certain (supposed) philosophy student were duking it out over the validity of the Christian scriptures, right in the middle of the lab. Before I know it, the XA had apparently ESPed some back-up, and they were swarming the place. Meanwhile, a more knowledgeable and less extremist non-trad added himself to the conversation, for which I am grateful because that poor girl, believer though she may be, was getting the theological beating of her life. Notice that I am hearing all of this from my post at the info desk. The entire lab was either being entertained or infuriated -- in other words, completely distracted -- by the display. So I plucked up my courage and laid down the law. Of course, with the disclaimer that I respect such thoughtful discourse, but... Oh, what a disciplinarian am I.

Miracle of miracles, I finished my Span-Am homework with time to spare. If you divide the number of pages you have to read by the number of minutes you have to read them, you can quite easily devise a system of miniature deadlines that will help a lot -- and make you feel better when you're thirty minutes ahead of schedule.

Grades are looking upward. I found out today that I almost made an A on one of my Span-Am quizzes. Very excited. What's more, I am almost certain that I did make an A on today's quiz.

It's possible (but only possible) that I might be having someone under my tutelage. And it's possible (but only possible) that it would increase my income by 2/3 and only increase my working hours by 1/3. Oh, and it would increase my tutoring experience by, like, 100%. That would be a sweet deal.

Here's to a second half of the day as good as the first.

Oh, and p.s. I bought this tshirt.

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