Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where'd I put my gondola?

Nothing like a rainy day in Murray. The worst, to me, is crossing Olive Boulevard. It just fills up with water. What I really like is when I'm waiting to cross the street and a vehicle drives by at about 25 miles an hour (those speed demons!), splashing water as high as the trees. And then, once I wade to the middle of the boulevard to cross the other lane, here comes the same vehicle at the same speed, splashing the same amount of water. Thank you, U-turn at the Gates of Hell. Thank you.

I did get an A on that Span-Am quiz. I got a "Cassidy, excelente. Muy, muy excelente," when he handed it back to me. Sí, es muy excelente.

Holly and I saw Brokeback Mountain last night. It was good, but we agree, it's not as good as we had expected. I'd like to read the story. Anyway, I'm probably going to see it again with Mom. Maybe this time, Jake Gyllenhaal will forego that nastastic moustache.

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Anonymous said...

alex and i went to see that last weekend and it turned out alot of good discussion.

we all need to still get together. i haven't seen holly at all.