Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A wee bit

Here's what I wish. I wish that ESO, ICALA, and VISA -- all organizations I'd like to be involved in -- didn't all meet on Thursdays at 5:00 pm. And just so happens that it's also the time I tutor, usually. Silly organization people. Why can't they adjust everything to my needs? For real.

News flash. I learned a new song on guitar last night. Do you even know how long it's been since I've played the guitar, much less learned a new song? A looong time. But I had to do something after the natural disaster known as Monday. It's not like I haven't taken up enough distracting activities in the name of stress relief, but what I like about playing guitar -- especially learning a new song -- is that it takes all of my concentration. You know what I mean? I get totally focused and my mind doesn't wander. It's like some sort of meditation. I think a lot of artistic activities are like that. I thought exercising would be meditative for me, but actually, my mind runs wild. I go a little ADD.

Speaking of distracting activities, I've taken up Harry Potter again. The goal -- but let's see how far I get before giving up -- is to re-read the whole series super-slowly between now and the release of the next book. I want to take in details instead of read for plot. I read the first six books in a matter of about six weeks, and the goal was to get to book six. With all the complexities and the ingenuity of J. K. Rowling's mind, I want to take it all in and be able to analyze.

Is there such a thing as a scholar of British children's literature? 'Cause I think I want to be one. I haven't read LotR yet, but I guess I should, huh? Being in this Early English literature class, I can see so many of the influences texts like Beowulf, medieval texts, classical texts, etc. had on Lewis and Rowling -- and countless others. And I'm interested in the repeated use of medieval culture and context in many more comptemporary texts, supposedly for children.

There never was such a geek.

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