Tuesday, February 07, 2006


And here I am.

I've been devoting most of my blog-related time toward "launching" (to sound oh-so web-masteresque) my new blog, The Loose Association. Who's to say if this is the end of Washed Up? That I don't know. I could really imagine that other'n being more interesting, both for the reader and for me. Oh, and if you look at the URL, the domain name (thelooseassoc) could be pronounced as something different. Ha. Ha.

It's the brain-child of a weekend of revelatory conversations with my mom and a solo car-ride back to Murray. Other products of this weekend: my purse-making project and the ridiculous nine-hour courseload for this summer. The projected schedule includes a two-week introduction to photography and a five-week session of some education course and a web page design class.

Hmm, yeah. So I think I'm going to continue to mutilate the poor, innocent jumble of fabric that I will one day call my purse, my friend. And maybe finish my homework.

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