Saturday, February 18, 2006

The buckle

I know that I have been forbidden to talk about this, but it blows my mind. Can somebody please explain to me how in the crap it is already basically midterm?

What is that?

It would explain why this coming week is going to be the week from hell. Oh, and the two weeks after that. But this week mainly. Three tests -- ranging from the super-easy- take-home test to the complete-and-utter-effupification-of-my-world test -- and a paper and a half are enough to do me in on top of the gruelling activities that consume my life week after week.

It's true. I buckle under pressure. That, or I complain about it so much that I've blown it completely out of proportion by the time I actually face the task. That way it doesn't seem nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Let's hope that's the case.

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Anonymous said...

i need some best friend/ time, stat. but it looks as if it won't happen this week. i have the mother trucker off all tests this week too, but hopefully we could sneak something in.