Monday, April 11, 2005

fifteen minutes of fame in the refrigerated section

I'll have you know that I am officially cooler today than I was yesterday. That's what the Jones Soda Co. people said, anyway. Wanna know why? Because I am now famous. My riverfront chain photo has been chosen for a Cream Soda label. (It's the eighth from the top on the far right.) They sent me ten copies of the label, which is rather nice. I've been all over town looking for a bottle with my photo slapped on it. From what I could tell, the BP, the Citgo, the Pocket Shell, Movie World, nor Fast Track had it. But it's kinda hard to shuffle through roughly thirty glass bottles that are squeezed into sloped corrals without breaking the bottles, blocking the refrigerator for ten minutes, and letting all the cool air out before the cashier kicks you out of the store. But I tell you what. Why don't you keep an eye out for it, and if you find some, buy them out. I'll pay you back. They also sell Jones in the T-Room, by the way.

Despite the rain and despite the coming stress, it's been a rather okay day. Thank you, Jones Soda Co. Thank you, seller from whom I bought Surprised by Joy. Thank you, KIIS people who finally put up my course syllabus for this summer. Thank you, Philosophy 201 for the 99 on the test.


Jenny said...

This is most exciting! Congrats! PS: Are you going to do the Murray State News photo contest? This goes to show that you absolutely have to!

Jaqueline said...

Cass that is sooo awesome. I wish I had a claim to fame. hehe.