Tuesday, April 19, 2005

wake up dead

I guess it's allergies. Whatever it may be is killing me. I can't breathe. The doctor at health services said he couldn't "hear any asthma." What on earth? I'm hearing noises coming from respiratory system that, at first, I don't realize I'm making. "What's that exasperated rattly whir that sounds like my laptop when it's intending to explode? Oh, yes. That's me." Consciousness is a bit difficult to maintain since my nose is useless for breathing and my bronchial tubes are closed. There's no detour for air.

I did get prescriptions. A new inhaler so I don't have to suck on an expired one. And Singulair. I'm not sure if I can discern any improvement after taking those medications. I am, however, shaky, nervous, and discombobulated.

I also managed to sleep about nine or ten hours last night. I was so exhausted by 8:00 that I had to go to bed. That was kind of nice. But I wasn't so sure that I was going to be smart enough to sleep and breathe at the same time. Apparently, I did okay.

Hope you all are having good days.

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