Friday, September 09, 2005

A baby sleeps in all our bones

Why don't I copy the text of a post before I publish? Sometimes I do. I just wrote a huge post, and it disappeared. Oh, the ire that burns within me!

So yes, we will resort to the all-mighty bulleted list.

  • I'm at work. I'm procrastinating. What's new? I'm sure you don't miss the usual entire paragraph explaining this phenonmenon.
  • Mom and I had a very deep and cleansing (like deep-cleansing face wash, but not) converstaion last night. It was good. May expound some other time on this.
  • Can I get an editorial in the Murray State News about the practical use of double doors? It's traffic with the two-lane possibility, but the people choose to funciton like two-way traffic on a one-lane system.
  • I want to go see The Grey this weekend at Cinema International.
  • I love the "goofs" feature on
  • The Study Abroad Fair is next Thursday, 11-2, Curris Center dance lounge. Go. See the world. And vote for my photos. Nothing like a little affirmation in the form of a cash prize.

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Anonymous said...

Hey i'll vote for your photos. If i had mine up here i would have entered them too.