Thursday, September 15, 2005

My mistake

So it's true. I don't take reprimands very well. It's one thing to give me constructive criticism. It's another thing to tell me that I did something wrong and ignore my apology. I understand that I thought I was right, and I realize now the error of my ways. But don't treat me like I'm stupid.

Yeah, so I need to get over it. I've never really been able to calmly react to a reprimand, ever. I remember when I was in about the first grade, and when my bus driver made a crazy curve and I came sliding out of my seat, I yelped. She glared back at me in that big bus-driver mirror, and I automatically started crying. Now, of course, I just get irrationally ticked off.

I guess if someone's done something "wrong," they don't need to be coddled, but I think there are more understanding ways of dealing with someone's mistake. These are the things I need to remember when I teach. God help.

Oh, and about mistakes. Our world lit text book is split into three volumes. Today, we are starting to read from the second volume. I made sure to put the different book in my backpack to that I could read while I'm here at work. Yeah. I brought the third volume with me. Oh, well. Not that it matters.

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