Friday, September 16, 2005

Don't get me started

Well, it's home for the weekend. Will definitely be listening to some BTE -- This Time of Year, especially -- on my way home. Can't wait for the leaves to turn on 293. It's really romantic for me and the 293 Deer.

Yesterday at the ESO meeting, we were trying to get organized, because despite the fact it's called the English Student Organization, there has never been anything organized about it. So the president posed the question to us, What do you want to gain from this organization? I had never though about that before. Then I realized that what I really wanted before was to get a Britt fix every other Thursday. Now that he's graduated, I might as well drop out of ESO. For real. That's some pure motivation, right there, isn't it?

Alright. Gotta pack up and get away from my stalker here on messenger. Yep. Yours truly is being stalked. Don't get excited.

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jenny said...

thrilled that you named your post after today's socializing time. i had such fun with you guys, and you can count on me making some more appearances around the ol' cc on the occasional friday. love ya cass!