Thursday, September 22, 2005

O, what a joyous occasion

Dr. Morgan cancelled world lit. What a welcome break. And no class next Tuesday either -- at all. Yay, for the Shakespeare festival. Just call me Billy Shakes.

So. It's happened again. There might not even be a chill in the air. But it's September and I know I should be hearing the introductory claps to "Clarity" and a delicious breeze should be coming through open windows. I should be wearing long-sleeved shirts. And I should be reading Narnian tales.

Right now, it's too hot to coerce the season with a hoodie. So I will conjure it. This is a cancelled-class afternoon, which is very indicative of end of the beginning of the semester, meaning summer is gone. Today is, afterall, the autumnal equinox. Here's to a seance of cider-scented candles. And Heavier Things in the background.


jenny said...

you can count on seeing me friday afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...

i love b/f/f/. and i'm jealous that you can have scented candles. bah.