Tuesday, August 31, 2004

heavier things of fall

Autumn is in the air today. As soon as I stepped outside of my door this morning to walk to class, I sensed it, and it felt so very Heavier Things. I couldn't explain it. It wasn't a feeling I was looking for or even remembered until that moment. So I guess it feels like September outside, at least in the cooler moments. Whatever it is, I've never quite had this same experience with an album. Except maybe the autumn end-of-the-week afternoon feeling of Better Than Ezra's This Time of Year. But it was so overwhelming and out of nowhere this morning. And comforting.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting all posts on one page. I felt as though I was losing out cause I am retarded when it comes to navigating on the right hand side.
Great background by the way.
I looked for you after class, but you and your friend were way off in the distance. Wayyyyy offfff. And Ryan and I are chunky, needless to say we didn't run. Autumn is in the air. Break out the hoodies and ice scrapers!