Sunday, August 22, 2004

persist: there is no cent in quitting

A bookstore plastic bag from long ago is laying in the corner, and its persist campaign slogan keeps catching my eye. That thing will never die. Do your part and throw away at least a dozen food service napkins at a time.

This place is a wreck. I haven't been here for more than thirty minutes at a time over the past several days before I would leave again or go to bed.

The load of towels and other such things that I dried three days ago are still in the dryer. It looks like a hurricane of FYL materials blew through my living room. My blanket from the October Sky outdoor movie is still just kind of hanging out in the floor, all up in the way. Any kind of office-type materials I've pulled out in the past couple days have just stayed where they landed when I finished using them. I have a nice roadblock of textbooks, still in the bookstore plastic bags. There are about fifteen million empty Sam's Choice water bottles hanging out everywhere. Dirty dishes have been that way and will stay that way for a little while. There is little chance of me cleaning this up tonight. Maybe, maybe, maybe I can get everything sorted out and liveable before class starts.

It is hard to believe school is getting ready to start again. It feels like it never stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Cass, call me up and we shall hang. This is poppa gums, btw, I really didn't want to set up a three minute acount. I hope everything gets sorted out before classes start. I still don't know where our class is either, ;)