Tuesday, August 17, 2004

hermitess: a female hermit

in my head
third day
artist: third day
song: consuming fire

Okay, here it is. Yet again, the new background. This time my change was not really my choice, but spurred by the advent of Blogger's Navbar. I don't know how it happened, but it really messed up my design. I decided that the easiest thing to do, short of choosing a standard issue Blogger template, was accommodate the blasted thing. Conniving little web designers... Anyway, so it wasn't entirely simple to leave my layout how I had it and scoot everything down to make way for the intruder and keep everything I wanted on the page without requiring a bit of scroll down action. *sigh* I know. You're telling me. And I don't even know how much I like this design, so it probably won't stay long. I care way too much about this thing. But at least the tool that caused all this trouble is somewhat neat. I'm not so certain about the functionality of the Google search, but the "Next Blog" button will take you to a random blog, which is tons of fun. It has already caused me something like seven hits today. That's probably because I've published my blog that many times trying to get it all the kinks out. (Hint: By "next blog," it means the next blog to be published.)

I took a walk on campus today. For that, you can see my cheesy post about anticipation.

Tomorrow, I get to feel a little human again. By that, I mean the non-hermit type of human. FYL training starts. I know it is the first step toward making my life a crazy, chaotic mess of things, but I'm thankful. At least tonight, I am.

I received an email from my computer lab boss guy. I've been stewing because I knew our employee meeting before school starts is supposed to be on Monday night, but I didn't know what time. It just so happens that the performance by the hypnotist that makes an appearance on campus every year during Great Beginnings, that I have yet to see but would really like to, is also on Monday night at 8:00. I just knew our meeting would be then. Turns out, the meeting is at 6:00. And it shouldn't last two hours. So I am excited. About a hypnotist. No wonder I am a hermit.

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