Sunday, August 22, 2004

a moment to breathe

This is the first time I've really had the time to slow down since all this FYL stuff has been going on. I am quite tired. It is sad, though. Today, I didn't see a one of my freshmen. They seemed halfway enthusiastic yesterday, but none of them were joiners today. So I teamed up with Jenny and her group. Many of my girls did express an interest in the campus tours tomorrow, so they will probably all show up and use me to drag them all over to find their classes. Oh, well. Oh, well.

Today was good though. I did meet the wonderful Homer Hickam. Chantel and I went to the book signing, and we were both giggling, excited geeks. We went up and talked to him together. We chatted it up for a couple minutes about ourselves, Rocket Boys, October Sky, and of course, Jake Gyllenhaal. He commended Chantel and me for being education majors because teachers are his heroes. I also told him that I like to write and truly enjoy the memoir genre. He wrote as a part of what he signed in my book this: "Can't wait to read your 1st book!" I know it is just an impersonal note, but it is inspiring. He is a living example of what a few encouraging words can do to motivate a person toward his or her passion. A girl from the Murray State News was there and took our picture. Maybe we'll grace the pages of the first issue.

There is a kid who apparently lives in Franklin that scarily resembles John Mayer. I've probably freaked him out because I think he's caught me staring at him about ten times, but I'm so amazed. Anyway, I can't believe that the concert is in less than a week. Come Friday, I'll be at my third John Mayer concert. All of this makes me a disgusting person with a teeny bopper fanaticism. Ew.

I bought my books today. Yes, that is $285.55 less in my bank account. Nothing like a seventy-dollar paperback book and a thirty-dollar password to make a University Bookstore cashier grin with glee as you sign away your life's savings for textbooks. I know I'm happy.

Just a thought. You know when every time you need to go to, which is so very much for me, you start to click the home button on the browser, you have a creepy, creepy relationship with words.

Well, I guess it's back to Springer-Franklin for a little RCC cook-out action.

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