Thursday, July 22, 2004

i need to stop

Look at me.  I've changed my blogface again.  And I liked the last one.  But this is what I kinda had in mind when I made that one.  I believe this has turned into a sick compulsion, but I've always tried to find something in my reach of ability that allows me to be successfully creative, to produce a working organism (inanimate, of course).  Usually, either I cannot master particular artforms or I am not confident enough to share my finished products, but for some reason, doing this allows for both.  Not to say that I am a skilled designer or that I think my layouts are fantastic, but it's something I can do.  And I don't mind letting other people see it.  That's rare for me.  So bear with me as I tinker with this stuff.  But somebody please punch me when I give blog-laying-out too much priority, like right now.  I should've been in bed an hour ago.  Bleh.

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