Monday, July 12, 2004

oh, how i love

I love the 90s. So much so that I just printed out the entire fifteen pages' worth of the VH1 schedule of the show. I was somewhat disappointed when I found that I don't own a magnet strong enough to hold fifteen pages to my refrigerator. So I'm doing a couple pages at a time. Anyway, tonight starts the wondrous five-night phenomenon we've all been waiting for. At 8:00, I Love 1990 premiers, so I have to get my studying in between now and then.

Also, as we all know, I love John Mayer. There's nothing like a little John to restore me to myself. With the wonderful and bunny-like internet now available at my fingertips, I downloaded his recent appearance on the CBS Early Show, and that reminded me to do a little checking out of the road journal since the summer tour has already kicked off. I can barely contain myself. The set lists are fabulously long, and it appears that David Ryan Harris is along for the ride. So beautiful. Anyway, it seems my chances of seeing Neon live are becoming more probable, and the fact that new songs are showing up onstage is quite exciting.

I'm aware that this entire post categorizes me as something of a loser. But I love it.

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Jacqueline said...

Cass, I must must say, I too have rediscovered the joy of John recently. I think I love him more than ever these days. Haha. I was cleaning house today and I had Any Given Thursday blasting as I danced in the kitchen. Haha. Good times.