Monday, July 26, 2004

open windows

I walked to class today instead of driving.  It was a cool, misty, comfortable morning, and that feeling has lingered into the day.  It sit here with my windows open.
I am wearing my hair in the little buns, which is something I do when I'm in a strangely good mood.  I specifically remember doing this four semesters ago when everyone had already left to go home for Thanksgiving break.  I had stayed up nearly the entire night to write the ill-fated book review for CIV101.  I was incredibly tired, but incredibly hyper at the same time.  Campus was bare, so with my CD player stuffed into my hoodie pocket, I sat out for CSC lab listening to, and singing along with, some CD had I just burned.  I remember sitting in the floor outside of the computer lab on the second floor of the business building waiting for my instructor to arrive.  Several classmates had already gathered there, too, and I remember some of their faces as I disregarded their presence while I happily got down to Dave Matthews' "Everyday."
I grabbed my grocery list, my journal, and my C. S. Lewis book around 12:00 and headed out the door.  I dropped by McDonald's, where I saw the Ice Pimp, to get lunch, and I took it to the beloved park where I sat with my windows down (it's just that type of day), ate, wrote, and read.  Very enjoyable.  Then it was off to WalMart for groceries.  Not quite as enjoyable.  But now I am home, and I have three movies about disabilities from Blockbuster to watch.  (Note:  MSU students can rent two and get one free.)  I'm racking up lab hours for SED by watching A Beautiful Mind, I Am Sam, and The Other Sister.  So it looks like I'll be pretty busy with that, huh?  I feel like I have so much to do, but I guess that is because there are only seven days of this class left.  That includes the completion of all fifteen lab hours, an observation "field trip," six chapters, two quiz-like tests, and a group project.  This class has flown by much more quickly than the last.  Before we know it, summer will be over.  But that's okay.  I love fall.  Maybe that's why I love today so much.

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