Friday, July 02, 2004

summer: phase two

Today is the day that ends phase one and severs all ties with the past month.

My first 5-week summer course was officially completed today. At 1:35 this morning, I finished my research paper, and at 10:30 am, it was turned over to the beloved QMcQ. I will miss that man. I probably will not miss Romantic and Victorian British poetry, but I must say, I do have a deeper appreciation for it. Come Tuesday, I'll be walking to Alexander for an 8:00 am special education course.

Tonight is the last night I'll be staying here at this apartment. I've got the keys to mine, and I'm moving what I can there tonight. I would stay there, but I don't exactly have a bed in town yet. The family is coming to help me make the transition in the morning, conveniently bringing such furniture as my bed. I'm trying to get as much done today as I can, though. I went to have the utilities switched to my name and have internet added to my service. Indeed, I'll have access that's quicker than a bunny, but what's not quick is getting the hook-up. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. They can't "get" to me until July 12. TWELFTH! That's ten days. It's a sad time, really, but I guess I'll be okay. Such a shame that the first week and a half of my living-alone experience will go unblogged.

Well, I'm really tired from the late night, but I have packing to do. I better start filling boxes now before I fall asleep.

Oh, and another thing that's going to be different from the last month. I think the air in my car quit today. Or maybe I'm just not giving it enough time to cool, seeing as since it's the Fourth of July weekend, it must automatically be the hottest of the year. But I have a sneaking suspicion that my air did quit. But let's hope not.

Looks like I won't be around for a while, but I'll probably break down and go check out a laptop at the library some. Adios.

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hollynicole said...

It took me a minute or two to figure out why you were thanking Dr. Bolin. I hadn't figured out that it was not Waterfield, but the PUBLIC library. I was all, "What? Is Dr. Bolin doing a little summer help in the library? Did he check your laptop out to you?" Cofuciuos. Anyway, I heart too. Talk to you soon!