Friday, July 23, 2004

an identity, a job, and mother nature

Yeah, yeah.  So I have an identity crisis when it comes to backgrounds.    Don't mind me.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the blog of an employed woman.  Not that I'm working yet.  Not that my job even requires work.  But I have the spiffy title of Lab Supervisor.  For a massive fifteen hours a week, at a whopping wage of $5.15 an hour, I'll be keeping tabs on the computers and users of those computers in the open labs in Applied Science and Hart.  Not too much money, but not too much work.  It's better than nothing, and I can get my homework and reading done on the job.  And I've scheduled my hours so inobtrusively, that I can probably pick up some more hours as a tutor or something.  Hopefully.  Anyway, I start when school does, which is another month.  I wish I had've had a summer job.  Oh, how I needed it.  But none of my applications availed that outcome.  So this is the end of that long road called Emergency Job Search.  Now, onto Real Job Search.  We'll see.

I am home for the weekend.  And it's already been an interesting one.  Before I left Murray, I took my SED test that I think went well and I snagged a job.  Before I got home, I met Mom in Madisonville and we went to WalMart.  It was a little stormy, or maybe more than a little because the lights went out.  That's a fun time, literally, being in that store with little lighting.  Blackout party, aisle five.

It is true.  Bad weather follows my parents, and fittingly so.  The only time I'm ever in a storm is when I'm with them.  And the last few times I've heard thunder in Murray, they were visiting.  Strange times.  Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell me something, but I'm afraid to ascertain just what that is.

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