Thursday, July 15, 2004

things i've recently, and not-so-recently, learned about myself

It makes me feel old when I realize that, for the most part, I believe good television has seen its heyday, and I'd rather watch reruns of sitcoms from my childhood on Nick at Nite, TBS, and ABC Family.  I don't necessarily think this is symptomatic of vicariously reliving my childhood through Cory Matthews and Denise Huxtable (or maybe it is), but in my old age, I enjoy the morals-of-the-stories and the then-risque' innuendoes I might've missed as a kid.

I've mulled my future as an educator over and over in my mind.  It scares me, probably because I'm mortified of challenges, but that's exactly what makes me realize that it is right.  It occurs to me that I am apprehensive about any decision I make, especially the good ones.  That is just part of who I am.  I cannot see myself doing anything else, at least for a living.  And as much as the stereotypical education major grates on my nerves, the class I am taking this summer that is full of them is helping me realize my philosophy of education.  I'll save that for another time.

A not newly discovered, yet newly rekindled, reality of myself is my love for words and their meanings.  I love  I keep a daily mental list of words that I need to look up when I get online.  I will unabashedly admit that understanding multiple meanings and uncovering the origins of words is a guilty pleasure of mine.

So I've clearly stated my case as viewer of modern television classics, my halfway-ambition about my future, and obsessivity-compulsivity about language.  These thoughts may be unrelated, but possibly that reflects yet another characteristic I'm beginning to see about myself.  Maybe I'll enlighten you with more profound revelations in the future.  But for your sake, I may rethink my candidness.

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