Tuesday, March 22, 2005

boring ain't bad

Hello. I'm at my mom's office taking advantage of her internet access while she's at some meeting. I came up here to get my picture taken for the company newspaper because I received the location's scholarship, but we also executed some covert operations, like using one of Mom's coworkers to notarize some forms for Spain.

It smells like instant mashed potatoes in here.

Oh, and I just ordered my Lonely Planet guide to Spain. This, I am very excited about. I went to Barnes & Noble to buy it yesterday, but this year's guide was just released this month. It hasn't even made it to stores yet. But mine, ordered directly from the company, should arrive in 4-6 business days. It may get home before I do. I wish I could've had it to read over break.

Hmm, so things are boring, really. That's not so bad. Boring is better than so-busy-I-want-to-gouge-my-eyes-out. So here's to wishing you a boring, or something like it, week.

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