Tuesday, March 01, 2005

completely inappropriate

This, my dears, is March 1. Do you know what that means? Dairy Queen opens up for the season! But how inappropriate this day is. This is the day with a 39 degree high and occasional snow flurries. It is not ice creaming-eating weather. It is ice cream-like weather, rather. But I'm pretty sure I'd much rather eat it with a red plastic spoon than have it slamming me in the face at a west-north-westerly 20 mph. At any rate, this is practically a holiday, you know.

By being March 1, it is also the day another month gets added to my archive links. I'm not sure why that excites me so, but it does. Movin' on down the line.

I took something like a thirty minute nap yesterday afternoon. This should be a regular routine. It was quite satisfying, and it fit in my schedule, which is of most importance. I could take one of those naps right about now. That's why I just yawned like nobody's business, and it was one of those yawns. You know the embarrassing ones where I make that strange not-quite-sure-what-that-was noise? Yeah, that one, and there was a guy standing here stapling a paper. That's attractive. Keep that up, that's what I tell myself. And so I do. There it is again. Lovely yawny noise.

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