Thursday, March 17, 2005

i need you, crayola

I had an age identity crisis as WalMart last night. First, I picked up a 16-piece dinnerware set for $13. The whole concept of me buying it felt very adult and wifey. 'Cause that's me. Yeah. So I balanced that off by buying a Muppet Babies coloring book and a 16-pack of Crayola crayons. When I got home, I left the dishes in the trunk. (I noticed that among the books I have tossed about in the trunk of the Buick, I have one by Dale Ray Phillips and one by Philip S. Dale. Isn't that, um, funny? Whatever...) I brought the coloring book in and completed several pages while I watched/listened to the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival on some public television channel. Good ol' John was on there, playing a three-hour rendition of "City Love."

By the way, while sitting here bored at work, I decided to be a big John Mayer geek and read up on him. I found out that his new CD is rumored not to come out until 2006 and that it will be called Continuum. I mean, seriously. What's up, John? Just as long as he resists the urge to make the title track to the tune of "Millennium," I'll be okay.

So, Dra. Howe broke her leg, right? We haven't had class all week, but we have a quiz tomorrow. I've been told that Trinchet is creating and administering the thing. Wonderful. I should probably study, but I'm not even sure what I should look at. The bigger issue is this: Will Dra. Howe come back at all this semester? Will some other professor take over? These are scary thoughts.

I don't have class today. Dr. Morgan cancelled, so I don't have any homework for that. I really don't have much of anything to do. And doing things in advance for tomorrow is out of the question. Just because. Even though I did bring my textbooks so I could. I should've brought my coloring book.

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