Monday, March 07, 2005


It's been gloomy all day. And then as I was leaving Faculty Hall to walk home, a torrential downpour came flooding in. It felt like a Freshman Year Friday Flood. By the time I got across the quad, I was positively drenched. The umbrella didn't mean a thing. I fought against the pounding rain to get in the shelter of Wilson, just before it began to hail. Just little hail, but hail nonetheless. I waited for it to slow up, and it did. So I walked home in a flood, no longer torrential. It was lovely. Really.

I'm beginning to wonder what the heck I was thinking when I signed up for eighteen credit hours this semester. Surely, I wasn't thinking at all. But it has brought me to a new place in my college career. With so much to do, I'm having to turn a paper in a day late. It's not going to affect my grade, but it's the first time I've done this. Okay, I take that back, but the CIV book review doesn't count. This is in my major. But alas, all will be okay.

Oh, so I've got the most symmetrical midterm grades I've ever seen. Three Bs and three As. My two English courses: one A and one B. My two education courses: one A and one B. My two not-in-my-major courses: one A and one B. But most of them don't mean anything. For instance, I have a B in philosophy, but the only grade I have in there so far is my midterm on which I made a 94.

Okay, that's all. Here's to another gouge-your-eyes-out boring post.

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