Tuesday, March 29, 2005


It's a chronic illness, I swear. This procrastination. I have a paper due tomorrow. What did I do at work today? I'm not even sure. Whatever it was didn't get me going on this paper. Oh, I finished all my KIIS and financial aid forms. Well, at least that's good. But I didn't have my afternoon class today, and what did I do? Come home and write my paper? No, no. I now have a half-rearranged apartment. Half because I did have my night class. When I got home from that, did I write my paper? No, indeedy. I cooked supper. Cooked supper. I never do that. Of course, I had to do something with the sixty-dollars-worth of groceries I bought last night when I wasn't writing my paper. And now. Now where am I? It's almost 9:30, I have a serious headache--whether it's from dashing my brains out on the corner of the freezer door, having PMS, or lacking caffeine, I'm not sure--and I need to go to bed at least within the next hour or so. Ah, but I have an hour and half at work tomorrow to work on this. Plus BarbCobb's letting us use some classtime to tweak. I'll never get this thing written.

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