Wednesday, March 30, 2005

the gahr of '05

You'll be glad to know or maybe you don't care, but the Great Apartment H Rearrangement of '05 is complete. I think. The furniture adjustments are subtle, but they make a rather substantial difference. And for those of you who have been frightened away by the bare walls, I now have five pictures hiding the institutionalization. I still have one painfully blank wall. I mean, it really looks like a movie theatre screen. I'll have to do something about that. Maybe I should just get a projector and watch stuff on that wall. It's not like I watch TV on my television.

Anyway, I almost have a theme going. It's a bit eclectic, but onlookers will have to make do with what they get. At one point, the cosmos got together and arranged a nice set of train-themed decor. No, it's not as bad as it sounds, and no, that's not my main thing. Just a set of wall-hangings. In one place. Back when I went on a decor shopping spree, I bought a cheap framed, in black, Saturday Evening Post article about early twentieth century trains. It's just been leaning against the wall for eight months--until now. At the Dollar Tree, which I love dearly, I bought two black frames to hang some of my photos in. At WalMart, I printed off about fifteen, and within those were two black and white train photos. One of a stalled train on 293 and the other of a train passing over the Ohio River in Henderson. It wasn't until I bought all these things that I realized what I had on my hands. A group. And so it is.

I also put up some temporary spring decor. I changed my swags over the cabinets from sparkly apples and pine cones to magnolias. I also stripped my DIY wreath of its wintry things and replaced them with more magnolias. I like magnolias.

It's stormy. I don't know whether to be excited or a bit scared. I do like the rolling thunder. Maybe it'll lull me to sleep, and hopefully, it won't shake me out of the bed.

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