Thursday, February 24, 2005

baggage that seems to still exist

Looking at last night's post, I could see BarbCobb's influence all over it. Okay, in two places. And they're just little things.

(1) I'm varying in and out of two styles of dashes. There are the ones I've been making for years--which do not have any spaces between them and the words--that are approved by the most recent MLA Handbook. Then there are the ones that BC wants us to use -- which have a space before and after the dash -- that appear in my last post. This is one of those rules, even though I'd like to stick with MLA on this, I consider correct in a writer's style as long as he or she is consistent. I am not. You punctuation hypocrite, you.

(2) Sophrosyne. It doesn't matter that I just spent nearly half a semester talking Platoin philosophy. I credit this to BC because we never used the word in in PHI. (And obviously, it was a little out of practice since I misspelled it originally, but I did fix it after messing it up again by accidently putting in a zero instead of an o in my editing.) Anyway, how 'bout dragging up the humanidades 2-1-1 with the hamartia, peripeteia, anagnorisis, and sophrosyne.

And for those of you who haven't already given up this blog entry to be nothing but dissertations on manipulations of language, something...else. Hmm, what else?

Oh, I don't have class at all today. I only have one class on Thursdays, but it has been cancelled. That's particularly good because I have a heaping mountain of homework and studying to do. I'm not sure if I have one or two tests tomorrow. I know there'll be one in Spanish. But women's lit, I doubt. We didn't have class yesterday, so we haven't even discussed an exam. It's on the syllabus. Wouldn't it be easier to email the professor to see what's happening? Maybe. But I'd almost rather not study, go in, and have the test whilst all along thinking we wouldn't. Call it sheer laziness if you like.

Yesterday, I found out that the idiots who have been firing things off at the Birds live in my own apartment complex. That's comforting.

For some reason, I have Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me" in my head, and I haven't heard that song in forever. I think it's because I woke up early this morning (coughing) around 4 am.

On that oh-so-interesting note, have a good day!

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