Thursday, February 10, 2005


Well, that was very magical, indeed. I was typing along, a paragraph or two into what was going to be this post, when I apparently swept my thumb across the mousepad of this laptop, highlighted everything, and deleted it. All at once. All before my eyes, but if I had've blinked, I would've missed it.

I was just saying how I've begun the write-the-paper-the-day-it-is-due routine. I have a 750-word first draft of a personal narrative due today. That's not such a big deal. But tonight (or when I get finished with my narrative), I have to write my first draft of the BarbCobb paper. That is a big deal. I finally got an okay on my thesis, but it looks more like a thesis paragraph rather than a thesis statement. I'm not even sure I remember what my original intent was.

There's nothing quite so exciting as talk of a book club. And there has been talk. And the first title is 1984, which I've not read and would like to. But when? When on earth will I be able to do it? I can barely get through what I've got as it is. This is a sad situation, ladies.

Okay, so I'm not really sure how, but I just found a pretty funny website. It's called Am I Right, and there is a section of misheard lyrics of songs. Of course, I went straight to John Mayer, and the first one I read had me doing that unstoppable-laugh-that-you-laugh-when-you're-not-supposed-to-be-laughing. The real lyric from "83" is "Oh make me a red cape / I wanna be Superman," but the person heard "Oh make me a rat cage / I wanna be Superman." That struck me as so hilarious--and still does as I write it. And the funny part is that it is very likely that that person thought he was saying that. You can't half understand what he's saying if you don't already know the lyrics. And so I felt it was only right to submit the two misheard John Mayer lyrics that came to mind.

I honestly thought this is what he said:
"Now we're tired by the fire" for "Now we're tired, battered fighters" - "Split-Screen Sadness"

And there is nothing quite like Lesli's:
"Your footsteps are tomahawks" for "Your footsteps are down the hall" - "Come Back to Bed"

Lesli's need to go ahead and make up the lyrics she doesn't know reminded me of the "Miss Independent" situation where she said "No longer need to be the misses" for "No longer need to be defensive." So I went to see if that lyric had been misheard, and indeed, it had. The best one that made me laugh as much as the rat cage was "No longer need to be the biscuit."

Sorry, sorry. I will quit boring you with all this. I'm just trying to avoid working on my narrative.

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hollynicole said...

not boring, b/f/f/. not boring at all. i was doing a little ling-ol my ownself.