Sunday, February 06, 2005

who knew it was super bowl sunday?

I have been Super Homework Queen this weekend. (That's right. Not just a royal ruler, but a royal ruler will hero powers.) And the sad part is that I'm still not done. But that's okay. This sense of accomplishment drives me on. I only have to study for a Spanish quiz and email BarbCobb a revised thesis for my paper. The Spanish is no big deal. I just don't know how I feel about nailing down a thesis prior to even writing the paper. But here's to decision making, right? Surely it'll help.

Most of this homework I've done, I had to do somewhere else because the internet and all those stinkin' name-that-tune challenge you Xanga kids are throwing at me keeps me from accomplishing much. Really. Earlier today, I sat down to look at SparkNotes to see if the section of Republic I planned to read pertained to the question I needed to answer. Note that I didn't have any intention of copping out and just reading the SparkNotes. Anyway, I thought, Before I do that, lemme check those survey things out first because, hey, that's more fun. Ooh, look. Something shiny. A brand new list of twenty-five songs from Holly... Fifteen minutes later, I'd completely forgotten about looking at the SparkNotes and was still confused about what I was supposed to read for philosophy.

So I had to get out of here. Yesterday and today, I went to Starbucks to do my reading. That means I've spent something like five hours and too much money on Venti Caramel Macchiatos in that place. By the way, I was a big girl yesterday and could hold my Venti, aside from the fact I was soon unable to focus on the words on the page of the book I was reading. But today, I barely made it. I'll save my money for special occasions. But anyway, I've come to really love that place. No wonder most of the civilized United States is obsessed with it.

What will they drag out next to scare off the birds? Canons? For the past couple weeks, the scene around this neck of Murray's woods has looked like a scene from a Hitchcock film. And from the sound of it, various groups of people--or maybe it's the same group--have attempted to rid the place of the birds, but it hasn't worked. I'm not so sure what's so special about the six or eight trees behind this corner of Brentwood, but at least once a day there are probably five thousand of them hanging out on the limbs and screaming like crazy. The gunfire, the fireworks, and the bombs, some of which I think are stink bombs, have not done the trick. Now it sounds like someone's trying out his pellet gun. Good luck with that, sonny.

On a much more lovely note, hasn't this weather been awesome? With all the recuperating (AKA sleeping) I've been doing, I haven't been out enjoying it much, but now I feel much better. I hope it hangs around a bit this week.

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